*FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Backpack?
Backpack provides a fast, reliable, hassle-free online overseas shopping experience. Travelers from all over the world carry foreign products for shoppers who request them.

We are based in California, USA and operate in over 100 countries.

What are the benefits of using Backpack?

  • Reliability - Our P2P model ensures trust and safety on a tri-layer system for both shoppers and travelers. Once you request a product on Backpack, you can be completely rely on us to guide you through the process and get you your products. In any case of failure to deliver the product (less than 0.1%), we’ll refund you the full amount.
  • Hassle-free communication and streamlined process. You can communicate with us any time regarding your deal or any questions you have and we’ll be there to provide our best answers. For a specific request, within 2-5 days of making payment, you’ll also be able to communicate directly with the traveler who’d carry your products.
  • Low price and fast delivery; thanks to ever-increasing 1.2 billion travelers around the world. Right now we are averaging at 14 days to deliver a product and working hard to bring it down to 7.

I’ve requested an item. What now?

  1. If you have requested an item using the SmartSearch or 'Place Manual Request' option, we will contact you via email and facebook notification within 24 hours. We will provide the final details of your request such as total cost, estimated delivery time, available travelers and the payment instruction.
  2. To get your product within the estimated delivery date mentioned in the notification/email - you should make payment within 24-48 hours of receiving it. After you make payment, we ask our available travelers to carry your item. Typically it takes 2-5 days for them to accept the request and as soon as they accept, you’ll able to communicate with them.
  3. Backpack keeps the payment until the traveler delivers the product. Typically it takes 2-3 weeks for the travelers to deliver the product. After the delivery, Backpack will forward the payment to the traveler. This way the shoppers are safe since if the traveler fails to deliver the products, we can find other travelers who can get the job done and there’s no chance of the shoppers losing money. On the other hand, its safe for the travelers too since if they do deliver the right product in time, they are guaranteed to get paid. (There’s no way for shoppers to perform any misconduct).

I am a traveler. If I accept a request, what will happen next?

  1. If you accept a request, the first thing you should do is purchase the products given in the deal exactly as the shoppers requested. You don’t have to worry about not getting paid, since any request you receive has already been paid for and you’ll receive the money as soon as you deliver the products. Do note that if you are a trusted traveler, you won’t even have to purchase the product. Backpack will purchase them for you and send them to your address. You’ll just have to carry and deliver!
  2. Before you reach your destination, you can talk to the shopper via our messenger. We’ll also guide you through the process of delivery and you don’t have to worry about what to do next. Just stay on top of your email/facebook notifications.
  3. After you reach your travel destination, the shoppers will come pick up the product and we will pay you as soon as they receive the products.

How are charges calculated on Backpack?
On average backpack fee is around 17% of the product price - this includes traveler’s fee, transactional charges and backpack guarantee fee. It never goes above 21%. If you are purchasing items that are more than $500, this decrease with the increase of the price of the item.

The travelers fee i.e. the amount that shoppers pay extra to get the products delivered, depends on 5 things:

  1. the dimension of the products
  2. the weight of the products
  3. the price of the products
  4. the distance between product's and shopper's location
  5. travelers willingness to carry
The system takes these things as inputs and calculates the fee.

You may have to pay VAT and local shipping fee depending on the product. But there will never be any extra charge beyond what we will specify in the confirmation email. The final cost given in that notification/email is the final cost that would incur for you.

Our exchange rate is not any obnoxious number like $1 (USD) = 100 taka (BDT) like others. We simply google exchange rate and use the current one. No gratuitous hidden cost. No stupid alien charge. If you use bKash, add 2% of the total charge. Simple and straightforward. Any confusion, just ask.

How can I contact Backpack if I have a question or complaint?

We are very smart. And we love you. Talk to us. You’ll have fun.

What payment options are available on Backpack?
Currently, we accept payments by PayPal, Bank Deposit and bKash. We don’t do cash on delivery since it goes against our model of safety and reliability. But if you want any other forms of payment, just let us know.

Is cash-on-delivery/pick-and-pay option available?
No. Backpack works on the pre-order basis. You need to advance the entire amount upfront to finalize a request.

Is there any return policy for my purchased products?
We want the product you get to be original and undamaged as much as you do. We always take an extra step to make sure that you are happy and you can count on us. There isn’t any formal return system yet but for any obvious problem we’ll accommodate your request to the best of our abilities.

Can I cancel any request that I placed on Backpack?
Once you have confirmed a request by advancing the entire amount, you cannot cancel the request. Before making the payment, the deal is not confirmed and you can cancel the deal.

What is the estimated delivery time?
You will find the exact time of delivery when you speak with the traveler: typically it takes 2-3 weeks.

Can I request from any website through Backpack?
Yes, as long as the product meets the safety rules. If you can’t find an item via the search results, do a manual request.

What is SmartSearch?
Many times people don’t know from where they want to buy products. Our solution: Amazon API – just go to the Search page and type away in the search bar.

If, for any ungodly reason, you cannot find your item here, just find the link of it from any other website and manually request the item by clicking here or from our search page.

How does the traveler get paid?
When the transaction is complete, Backpack pays the traveler by PayPal (international), Check (international/domestic), bKash or bank deposit.

What does it mean when you say Backpack will hold the payment for the traveler till the delivery is complete?
It means Backpack will hold the payment for the traveler till the delivery is complete. Basically, Backpack acts as an escrow and keeps the money in its corporate account. The shopper is given proper documentation (receipts and Facebook/email notifications) of receiving the payment. This discourages moronic behaviors on the shoppers’ part such as requesting products and then not showing up to take them and more importantly, paying the traveler and thus keeps the travelers safe. Also it keeps the shoppers safe, since the traveler don’t get paid until they make the final delivery.

Where do the shopper and traveler meet?
It is generally decided through the chat that they have on Backpack’s site. Typically you meet at a convenient location such as a cafe or a restaurant. The shopper can also pick up the product from the traveler’s home if the traveler requests that.


*RAQ – Rarely Asked Questions

How is Backpack cool, convenient and fast?
Backpack is cool because it practices a revolutionary idea of peer-to peer transaction that eliminates extravagant shipping cost. It is convenient because our Godview enables you to see the real-time travelers traveling all over the world. It is fast because the products are not traditionally shipped - the travelers carry them.

Who can use Backpack?
Anyone. It’s free.

Is it necessary to log in or sign up to shop through Backpack?
Yes, it is. That’s part of how we ensure convenience and safety for each party.

What is the signup process?
Facebook or Email.

3-click-signup using Facebook - your personal data is completely safe, in compliance with the regulations of United States Federal Government. We will never post anything without your permission.
You can also do the not-so-exciting-as-3-click email signup, which we managed to simplify down to a level so that you can be done in 60 seconds.

What is a notification?
You will get a Facebook notification and can check and reply to the notification within your Facebook frame, cool right?

No Facebook? Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email too. Remember to add support@backpackbang.com to your address list so that you don’t have to check spam.

Does Backpack take requests by phone or email?

Does Backpack protect user privacy?
Yes. We implemented a standard privacy measure to ensure the safety and protection of user data. Backpack will not use your personal information for promotional activities without your permission. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Is this safe?
For traveler, yes. It’s as safe as carrying something for yourself. No cash involved, we supervise each step of the process and the money is securely held on our corporate account. There is a $10,000 traveler guarantee to protect you from any unwanted issue so you can completely rely on the system.

For shopper, yes. Again, there’s no cash transaction involved – so it’s completely safe under any condition. We hold you money securely on our corporate accounts. If the product gets damaged, we refund you the full amount.

I am the traveler and I am concerned about paying for the product. When and how do I get paid?
We make you pay for the product because that works best for both the shopper and the traveler. There’s basically 2 primary risks involved, the traveler snatching the item for themselves and the shopper not paying for the item. The way we solve it is by taking the money from the shopper as soon as the deal is confirmed and paying the traveler when the delivery is made.

You should not be concerned since we will notify you to buy the product only after we receive the payment from the shopper. After the shopper picks up the product, he/she will show you an email/sms which will contain a code and as soon as you enter it in the website, you will receive the payment in your preferred way.

But if you are still concerned, you should apply for the trusted traveler program where you won’t even have to purchase the product. Backpack will purchase them for you and send them to your address. You’ll just have to carry and deliver!

How do you make sure that I won’t lose my money?
We make you pay for the product because that works best for both the shopper and the traveler. There’s basically 2 primary risks involved, the traveler snatching the item for themselves and the shopper not paying for the item. The way we solve it is by taking the money from the shopper as soon as the deal is confirmed and paying the traveler when the delivery is made.

Is it possible to keep myself updated with Backpack?
Yes. Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email at support@backpackbang.com. Bookmark us on your web-browser.

What is a Peer-to-peer (P2P) model?
A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a type of decentralized and distributed network architecture in which individual nodes in the network (called "peers") act as both suppliers and consumers of resources, in contrast to centralized client–server model where client nodes request access to resources provided by central servers.

We know that it makes complete sense to you.

What is the tri-layer system?

  1. Authentic Product
    • Shopper gets link from well-known ecommerce sites
    • Traveler confirms
    • Traveler keeps the receipt
  2. Reliable Users
    • Social Media Integration
    • Messaging System
    • ID verification
  3. Payment
    • Money transaction through PayPal
    • Backpack holds money for travelers' safety
    • Return policy
  • The e-commerce site link ensures the exactness of the product since it provides all the details of the product that the shopper wants and the traveler needs to buy.
  • Traveler confirms that he/she will buy the product from the link specified by the shopper. If the exact same product is available in other sites as a more convenient option, the link needs to be updated - to avoid any confusion.
  • Connect with your social media (Facebook signup) and talk to the shoppers/traveler to get a better sense of who they are. We may also run ID verification on request.
  • The shopper pays to Backpack as soon as he/she confirms a deal with a traveler and Backpack holds the money until the traveler delivers the product. As soon as the product is delivered and both parties give Backpack a thumbs-up, Backpack releases the fund to the traveler.
  • We want our Backpackers to be happy. We’ll try our best to take care of you if a product gets damaged.

Where can I find links?
Amazon.com and ebay.com will be your best bet for anything. You can also look at the following:

For Mobile, Tablets & related accessories:

Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your backpack account.