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Simple Pricing

Backpack fee: 15% - 21% of the product price

  • All Other Options
  • Charge: 32 - 51%
  • Backpack
  • Charge: 15 - 21%

Fast delivery

Receive your product in 16 days

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  • Avg. Delivery Time: 36 days
  • Backpack
  • Avg. Delivery Time: 16 days

User Guarantee

Any questions? We got you covered with amazing customer support

All Other Options
  • Exchange rate: $1 = 100 taka (minimum)
  • Charge: 150 taka/lbs
  • You might incur undeclared hidden costs
  • No purchase/shopper guarantee
  • Exchange rate: $1 = 78.5 taka
  • No charge on a per lbs basis*
  • All costs are visible beforehand
  • World class shopper guarantee policy
  • extra charge applies only for oversized items

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Thank you so much. :) :) I have received my product. Thank you so much for your support. :) :) Long Live backpack bang... :) You guys rock... :)
Thank you very much. I am just impressed on you service. You people are doing awesome :)
Thanks for the awesome service. mucho gracias hermanos
Thank you for bringing the books for my kid. Received them today :)
Good service.... many thanks to backpack team.
I AM SO FREAKING HAAAAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY.....................got the product into my hands though couldn't test it yet. as soon as i unpack and try it i'll let you know about it. hopefully it'll be as great as dealing with you. you not only made a lifelong customer out of me but also made an ambassador as well. hope to talk with you very soon. :D
hey man, thanks a lot for bringing it over for me! Item is working perfectly!
got my product thanks a lot.....great service must say :)
Thank you so much. Brilliant service!
Yes, I received my products today and they are in good shapes :). Thank you for replying on time. I'm satisfied totally.. (Y). Keep up the good bros!! :)