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Posted by Dustin Whitehouse on April 22, 2014

I plan to make the main theme of this entire blog that anyone can utilize Backpack. When my friend Fahim and a group of others founded Backpack just a few months ago, their goal was tohelp as many people as possible around the world to save money when travelling or buying foreign-made products. Essentially, Backpack wants to make its services as accessible as possible to as wide an audience as possible.

This is why it is great news that Backpack’s site is now available in Mandarin. Backpack is not only for Americans to use in order to use in order to transport products out of America and into other countries. People from all over the world, including non-English speakers, should be able to take advantage of the awesome opportunities Backpack provides, be they arranging to become carriers or receiving items at a discount. Since China is already Backpack’s second largest market, the ability of non-English speaking Chinese people to use the service as well as English speakers is great. Hopefully, it will go a long way in expanding Backpack’s network of carriers, as well as the amount of people that can utilize the site to get products cheaper.

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