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Posted by Dustin Kemp on June 16, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo is an avid fashionista, and, from owning his own men’s underwear line to experimenting frequently with wild hair dues and fashion styles, he is not subtle about it. I recently wrote a paper on fashion blogging and its role in global visual culture, and it really got me thinking about how someone from one culture could benefit from having access to every other culture’s fashions. Especially in today’s globalizing world, global flow (the influence of a given culture’s styles and fashions on other cultures’ designs) is a growing phenomenon, and, as somewhat of a fashion guru, Christiano Ronaldo is an excellent prospective member of the Backpack community. After all, football is the sport that brings the world together. It seems only right that the game’s players bring together fashion elements of the world in their own clothing styles!

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