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Posted by Dustin Kemp on June 02, 2014

As a consumer, you should have no problem identifying a business’s core values. In fact, it is a great idea for businesses to actually list out their core values and make that list readily available to the public. This will help the site’s content designers maintain a consistent tone in their content production as well as help consumers to understand the business’s “personality.” For instance, Backpack’s core values may be seen as:


First and foremost, Backpack wants to allow people to access things they would not be able to access without use of the service. This includes foreign-produced products and more affordable international travel. Joining the Backpack network allows you access to so many more of the products this diverse world has to offer, as well as makes your world travel dreams closer to reality.

Community building

Backpack wants to create a community, not just a network. In other words, the two parties in a Backpack transaction should not simply be strangers conducting a business deal. That is what Amazon and eBay are for. Of course, the parties will start out that way, but Backpack works to make the carriers and the buyers in its network into friends who know each other, trust each other, and will be able to interact, whether it is product-related or on a more friendship-oriented basis, in the future. You never know, someone you met through a Backpack transaction may let you crash on their couch and become a good friend for years to come.


This is somewhat iterated above, but the folks at Backpack want you, as a consumer, to feel confident and secure about your transaction from the moment you agree to the deal to the moment you have the product (or cash) in hand. We all know trust can be an issue when it comes to online transactions, and we don't want members of the Backpack family to have to worry about it.

Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your backpack account.