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Posted by Dustin Whitehouse on May 26, 2014

If you are like most people, you wish you could travel internationally more often, but it is too expensive. Backpack, a recent tech startup, goes a long way towards making world travel more cost feasible. If you’re studying abroad or taking a vacation to South America, for example, you could earn hundreds of dollars to offset your travel costs just by carrying a few Macbooks in your luggage.

Members of Backpack’s global network can take one of two roles: buyers, who are people who want products from overseas, and travelers, who transport those products and make a bit of money out of the deal. By connecting with one of Backpack’s ever-growing network of international travelers, shoppers can find someone to bring their favorite products from overseas to them. The traveler may charge you a small fee as a compensation for luggage space and the effort it took to find the product, but the small fee is certainly worth the buyers having their favorite products from anywhere in the world.

In many cases, products are manufactured in the US and are available for less money in America than in their country of origin, or they are produced internationally and are available for less there. This is another for shoppers to utilize Backpack’s network: they can get foreign-produced products for a lower price than they are sold for domestically. Once again, the traveler will charge a small fee, but it will definitely be less than the money the buyer is saving by getting the product for the overseas price.

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